In this honest, value-packed 60min session, we explore why entrepreneurs, business owners and high achievers are at higher risk of depression, anxiety and burnout – and what we can do about it!

We cover:

🧠 The fascinating (and shocking) stats on mental health for entrepreneurs

🧠 Why the entrepreneurial life and those who are drawn to it are hardwired for living on the edge

🧠 The physiological aspects of burnout, anxiety and depression – and how we can use the ‘Resiliency Zone’ to move away from shame or stigma

🧠 The warning sides we should all be looking out for that indicate we could be sliding into poor mental health

🧠 The powerful tools, processes and actions we can take to relieve mental health symptoms – wherever we find ourselves

I’m joined by the warm, funny and fascinating Martina Williams (MS, LCMHC) – a highly qualified therapist, coach, mentor and speaker with 25 years of clinical experience in helping clients cope with anxiety, burnout, ADHD and depression.

👇 Watch now to dive into this powerful blend of Martina’s expertise and Chelley’s frank personal insights.

To your happy success!

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