A simple, soulful process for turbo-charging your power to build the life and business you’ve always dreamed of!

Hey, friend!

Do you struggle to know what you really want? You know… deep down inside?

Are you feeling a little (or a lot) overwhelmed, stuck or directionless?

Do you crave a sense of peace? Of calm amongst the chaos?

Are you ready to learn an easy, repeatable system that puts you firmly back in the driving seat of your life?


It’s time for radical clarity.

Is this you?

?‍? You lie awake at night with a vague sense of unease – like you are somehow wasting your life or going around in circles.

? Despite your best intentions, most of your days end up a stressful tangle of to-do lists, tasks and distractions.

? You’re being called to something bigger – but right now, you don’t have the time (or the energy) to figure it out.

?‍? The passion you usually thrive on has begun to wane, and you can feel yourself heading towards burnout…

If any of that resonates, you’re in the right place.

I’m here to help.

It’s time to press the reset button, reclaim your power and create a toe-curlingly amazing life and business for yourself.

Have you forgotten how to dream? Is every day filled with work that feels like drudgery – and you’re asking yourself “is this really it?”

Do you fail to follow through on the promises you make to yourself – even though you really want to create positive change in your life?

Are you so caught up in day-to-day chaos and keeping the wheels turning that you don’t have time to ask yourself what it’s all actually for?

Are your office shelves crammed with journals, planners and diaries you bought in a fit of enthusiasm – then never got round to using?

Do you get fired up with new ideas, habits and goals you’d like to try – but they go up in smoke as soon as you try to actually implement them?

Are you suffering from ‘Shiny Object Syndrome’ – jumping from one thing to the next, without ever gaining real momentum or seeing results?

In  fact,  life  often  feels  like  one  giant  to-do  list  of ‘Shoulds’.


It’s entirely possible to infuse every day with joy, and create a clear pathway to the life and business you’ve always dreamed of.

Imagine how it would feel to…

Learn how to curate a business and life around what’s truly important to you

Live with a sense of spaciousness, in accordance with your own needs & desires

Grow in confidence as you back yourself and take consistent action towards your dreams 


  • Steer clear of overwhelm and bring those dreams down off their pedestal and into reality?
  • Sleep peacefully, knowing you’re fulfilling your true potential?
  • Rekindle your ability to dream and desire, free from doubt, pessimism and cynicism?
  • Fight back against comparison, competition and ‘shoulding all over yourself’?!
  • Bring a sense of momentum, gentle discipline and presence into your life?

It’s all possible.


Hey there! I’m Chelley Wild.

Back in 2016, I was living the true ‘go getter’ lifestyle. I had a high-flying career, six-figure business and a glamorous London lifestyle to boot.

I should have been happy – after all, I was ‘ticking all the boxes’ I’d been told guaranteed a good life.

But instead, I found myself in a crushing fog of unhappiness, depression and anxiety that simply wouldn’t go away.


In fact, I vividly remember the moment everything changed… it was a meltingly hot Summer afternoon, and I was run-walking down Fleet Street between meetings at two company headquarters.  
I was stressed, tired, sweaty and dreading the next hour. Breaking through the stressful swirl of thoughts running through my head, something deep inside cried out “Is this really it? Because if it is, I’m just not sure I see the point…”.
That moment of clarity started a journey of deep healing and the (often painful) examination of the old notions of success I’d based my life around.


Through a combination of gentle evaluation, experimentation and the practice of goal setting, I have since evolved every aspect of my life and am now happier than I ever thought possible ?


Unlike previous times when I frequently sacrificed my values, boundaries and health in pursuit of “success”, I now have a business and lifestyle that honours my own unique needs and desires.


That is why I created Goals with Soul – to share the exact framework that I have created through many years of trial and error. It is my hope that you will find comfort, inspiration and clarity through working through this simple, inspirational process, and that it will set you free to create a life you truly love.


A unique ecosystem that’s built for using again and again.
A space of inspiration, self-exploration and joy.



What  you’ll  achieve in Goals  with  Soul:

This Program takes you lovingly by the hand, and guides you through 7 simple steps to explore, set and pursue goals in a whole new way.

Far from the dry or ultra-masculine checklists and planners you may have used before, Goals with Soul puts you at the heart of your goal setting process.

It encourages and accompanies you as you dive into your deepest desires, giving you permission to dream and supporting you to take small, manageable steps to create what you truly want.


 By the end of this Program, you’ll:

Have a new sense of power, inspiration and clarity, knowing your life energy is being spent in service to the dreams and values that are most important to you.

You’ll also have a set of truly tantalising goals, plus a stunning 12 week planner you’ll have personalised during the Goals with Soul process, which you’ll use each day to make your dreams happen!

Sound good?

Step 1


Acknowledging, appreciating and learning from what has come to pass

✔️ Taking time to celebrate your wins & achievements

✔️ Reflecting on what has worked well and what hasn’t

✔️ Exploring your own experience and current ways of working / living

Step 2


Joyfully letting go of what no longer serves us

✔️ Acknowledging how our past experiences have moulded us

✔️ Bringing a sense of completion to loose ends and unfinished business

✔️ Making space and decluttering

Step 3


Rekindling our deepest desires

✔️ Giving yourself permission to want what you want and dream BIG!

✔️ Creating and plugging into a vision that lights us up

✔️ Infusing goals with energy, power and clarity

Step 4


Exploring and selecting goals that call to our soul

✔️ Making the path to big dreams clear, achievable and fun

✔️ Eradicating confusion and overwhelm

✔️ Creating goals that actually work and feel exciting

Step 5


Proactively laying down support for our future self

✔️ Getting back in the game quickly when you’ve fallen off the wagon

✔️ Setting up guard rails and support systems to keep you on track

✔️ Knowing yourself and working with your own personality traits

Step 6


Creating space and installing habits to enable easy action-taking

✔️ Installing helpful habits and rituals to protect and nurture you

✔️ Using simple psychology hacks to get you to follow through

✔️ Getting clear and structuring your day around true priorities

Step 7


Using goals as a tool for discovery, healing and nourishment

✔️ Cultivating an experimental mindset

✔️ Inspiring yourself and others to grow

✔️ Using goals in different areas of your life

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

Mary Oliver

You’ll   Receive:


Get started right away with immediate access to the 7 comprehensive modules in the Goals with Soul EcoSystem


A stunning, full-colour 100+ page companion planner to print or use on your tablet or computer


Get on the Guest List for Chelley’s live Goals with Soul group planning sessions to smash through blocks and get your next 12 weeks in motion!

But  that’s  not  all…


You’ll also get these amazing bonuses!


Go deeper and reconnect fully with your deepest desires with these professional Meditation Audios


Infuse your home and workspace with positive, supportive reminders with this set of Mantra Cards


Keep your goals front-of-mind by using this Canva template to create an inspiring desktop background!

Ready to take back control of your life?

Why You Need This Program:

1️⃣  You will get CRYSTAL clear on what you really want and why – even if you’ve struggled to create a ‘grand vision’ up til now

2️⃣  You’ll save yourself time, money and frustration from pursuing someone else’s version of success – I promise you, no expert can know what you want and need better than you!

3️⃣  You will learn seriously effective techniques for weaving goal setting and prioritisation into your everyday life, so that taking action on your dreams feels easy, fast and fun

4️⃣  You will begin to experience the pure joy and flow of being fully present in your life, certain that there’s no other way you’d rather spend your time on the planet

Choose Your Pathway:

? Introductory Pricing ends 21st September 2022! ?

Program + Planner

  • Immediate, lifetime access to the Goals with Soul Program
  • Goals with Soul Digital Planner
  • Invites to Chelley’s quarterly Live Plan-alongs
  • BONUS: 4 x Audio Meditations
  • BONUS: Mantra Cards
  • BONUS: Desktop Organiser Template


V I P   Day

  • Program + Planner Package, plus:
  • A half-day virtual 1:1 VIP experience with Chelley
  • Crafted especially around you to discover your soul goals, work through any resistance and set yourself up for success for the next 12 weeks
  • 2 days of Voxer / Email support


Guided  Journey

  • VIP Day Package, plus:
  • 1:1 expert support, guidance and accountability with Chelley as you navigate your first 12 weeks using the Goals with Soul system
  • 5 x 60min coaching/consulting calls every two weeks 
  • Voxer / Email support Mon-Thu for 12 weeks


Got Questions?

Hey, I’m


I help female entrepreneurs grow thriving, financially successful businesses that bring joy and positive contribution to the world.

A Certified OBM®, Business Strategist and trained Coach, I have 15 years of experience growing and optimising businesses ranging from solopreneur start-ups to billion-dollar corporations.
Let’s discover your unique markers of success, and realign your vision, plans and goals to create a life and business you love!

Are  You Ready to  See Results?


This Program will be a great fit for you if: 

  • You’ve had some disappointing – or even downright damaging – experiences with goal-setting in the past, and as a result, shy away from setting yourself any kind of target
  • You’re intrigued by the science of achievement, and want to learn how to leverage your own personality to do the things you know you need to do
  • You are committed to doing the work and being responsible for your own success
  • You’re completely overwhelmed with the number of ‘essential’ tasks on your To Do list, and long for the day when you reach the end so you can finally relax and enjoy yourself 

What are you waiting for?


Imagine where you could be this time next year if you take inspired action today…

Got Questions?

Who is Chelley and why does she know about this goal stuff?
This unique ecosystem is the result of over fifteen years of extensive research, personal experience and feedback from hundreds of clients. Chelley has been in the trenches of leading and growing businesses and teams for over a decade, helping companies ranging from start-up solopreneurs to billion-dollar corporates. She has studied the science and application of goal-setting at a deep level, both personally and professionally, and has now taken all she knows and combined it into this powerfully simple process.
How is this different to other goal-setting systems?

Most other goal-setting systems on the market:

  • focus solely on surface-level ‘SMART’ objectives that have little meaning to an individual – resulting in achievements that feel ‘hollow’ when they are reached


  • do not take into account the flowing, cyclical nature of our lives, energy and capacity to take action, instead assuming that humans are robots who can perform perfectly day after day. This inevitably leads to burnout, resentment… or giving up on your goals the moment you stop doing everything ‘perfectly’


  • encourage you to focus exclusively on the end-goal, constantly reminding yourself of the gap between where you are now and where you want to be and spending each day in a fog of ‘not enoughness’ and ‘when I achieve xyz, then I’ll be happy…’


  • employ an awful lot of wishful thinking, hoping and visionboards, ignoring the fact that we need to take action on what we have personal control over to bring our own desires to fruition

Goals with Soul addresses each one of these pitfalls, and instead offers a completely holistic ecosystem which walks you step-by-step through how to clarify, direct and structure your life around your most important values and desires. It acknowledges that life is more than ticking boxes or gathering accolades – and instead encourages a commitment to enjoying your time on the planet in the best way that suits you, and infusing each day of your life with joy and clarity

Will I actually achieve my goals this time?

That’s up to you! Goals with Soul will guide you step-by-step through a simple yet powerful process for restructuring your thoughts, vision, beliefs, calendar and priorities to align with whatever goal/s you wish to fulfil. It will also explain how you can leverage the power of habits and psychology to break through any mental resistance you might have to taking the actions necessary to make those dreams a reality. But it cannot do the doing for you!  You will need to develop trust in yourself – and the best way to do that is to do what you say you are going to do

How do you balance striving and goal-setting with feeling grateful and 'enough' right now?

Unlike many other programs and books in the goal-setting arena, Goals with Soul encourages you to approach goal-setting as part of a wider holistic ecosystem. The ideal starting point to ideate and set goals is from a place of appreciation for what you already have, celebration of how far you’ve come, and excited anticipation of what’s to come. The course will guide you through generating and connecting with this space, and take you step-by-step through how to set goals that really matter to you 

What if I want to change my goals half way through?

No problem – that’s completely normal! Unlike more linear goal-setting programs, Goals with Soul acknowledges that life sometimes gets in the way and your energy and capacity fluctuate. Plus, sometimes it’s only when you set a goal and start working on it, that you realise you didn’t actually want it in the first place! ? It’s no problem to change course – as long as you’re doing it for the right reasons. Goals with Soul will walk you through the process of doing this in detail so you don’t get too far off track and can still make tangible process on your new desires

What happens if I don’t enjoy the course?

When you purchase this course, you will receive immediate access to the complete set of Goals with Soul materials. Due to the nature of the offer and the detailed information available on this page, refunds will not be offered – therefore, please ask any questions you may have prior to purchasing. We’d be happy to help at support@the-business-whisperer.com or drop us a DM on Insta at business_whisperer

What if I want additional accountability?

1:1 Support from Chelley is available to guide and encourage you as you work your 12 week plan; simply select the Coaching or Guided Experience option at checkout. For collaborative community and group support, be sure to attend the quarterly Live Plan-alongs – your invite will be automatically sent to you as part of your Goals with Soul Program purchase!

When does the program start?

As soon as you’re ready! Once you select your package and make payment, you’ll automatically receive login details to the Goals with Soul Program portal, which includes your download link to the Planner and Bonuses. 

You’ll be invited to the quarterly Plan-alongs a week or so before each event. 

If you chose the Guided Experience or VIP Coaching option, Chelley will contact you directly to schedule your session/s. 

How much time should I set aside for this?

Goals with Soul is designed to be a lightweight, repeatable system that you can adapt to your particular preferences over time. 

The first time you go through the process, we recommend blocking out ~3 hours to complete the practice thoroughly. After that, you may find you can do it much faster! The habits and rituals that will keep you on track to achiving your dreams will take around 5-15 minutes per day. 

? Introductory Pricing ends 21st September 2022! ?

Program + Planner

  • Immediate, lifetime access to the Goals with Soul Program
  • Goals with Soul Digital Planner
  • Invites to Chelley’s quarterly Live Plan-alongs
  • BONUS: 4 x Audio Meditations
  • BONUS: Mantra Cards
  • BONUS: Desktop Organiser Template


V I P  Day

  • Program + Planner Package, plus:
  • A half-day virtual 1:1 VIP experience with Chelley
  • Crafted especially around you to discover your soul goals, work through any resistance and set yourself up for success for the next 12 weeks
  • 2 days of Voxer / Email support


Guided  Journey

  • VIP Day Package, plus:
  • 1:1 expert support, guidance and accountability with Chelley as you navigate your first 12 weeks using the Goals with Soul system
  • 5 x 60min coaching/consulting calls every two weeks
  • Voxer / Email support Mon-Thu for 12 weeks



“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming

“Wow! What a Ride!”

Hunter S Thompson