Did you know that depression amongst entrepreneurs and business owners is estimated at over 30%, compared to 7% of the general population?*

There’s a unique set of pressures + challenges that business owners face every. single. day. that make us more prone to depression, anxiety and burnout.

But we don’t have to sit back helpless, waiting for the tsunami to hit!

This Masterclass explores the simple yet powerful techniques and tools we can use to build resiliency and give ourselves the support we need when storm clouds start to gather.

In 60 honest, open-hearted and dare we say it – even fun – minutes, we’ll explore why entrepreneurs and high achievers are at higher risk of depression, anxiety and burnout – and what we can do about it!

We cover:

🧠 The fascinating (and shocking) stats on mental health for entrepreneurs

🧠 Why the entrepreneurial life and those who are drawn to it are hardwired for living on the edge

🧠 The physiological aspects of burnout, anxiety and depression – and how we can use the ‘Resiliency Zone’ to move away from shame or stigma

🧠 The warning sides we should all be looking out for that indicate we could be sliding into poor mental health

🧠 The powerful tools, processes and actions we can take to relieve mental health symptoms – wherever we find ourselves

I’m joined by the warm, funny and fascinating Martina Williams (MS, LCMHC) – a highly qualified therapist, coach, mentor and speaker with 25 years of clinical experience in helping clients cope with anxiety, burnout, ADHD and depression.

👇 Watch now to dive into this powerful blend of Martina’s expertise and Chelley’s frank personal insights.

To your happy success!