Time to clear the clutter, let go of overwhelm + create your dream business…

Hey, friend!

Tell me – how would it feel if… 

✨  You found that sweet spot where your energy and output are perfectly in sync? 

💦  Where life and business feel like they’re flowing, and you wake up excited every morning…

🌱  Acknowledging your body, mind and spirit’s unique personal needs, and structure your life and business to honour them…

🔁 Supported by efficient processes and automations that run your business like clockwork…

🤝 Surrounded by happy, productive team members who 100% ‘get’ your vision and who love working with you…

  🌬 With space to breathe, listen to your intuition and let things evolve naturally…

🌈  And a path forward that’s clear, achievable and exhilarating…

🎉 All whilst actually taking the time to enjoy, celebrate and be present in the journey?

Welcome to

Find  YourFlow

Strategic Consulting.

Perhaps this feels familiar:

😤  You’re stuck – like you’re trying really, really hard, but nothing seems to be working…

🤪  Overwhelmed by all the possible directions you could take your business…

😵‍💫  Exhausted by extremes of workload or income – one huge month, then nothing for the next 7?

🤯  Feeling the pull of the next level, the next dream – but can’t see a clear path towards it…

🤔  Leaping from one program, coach or strategy to the next, sure that one will ‘change everything’?

😠  Unable to take consistent action or focus on anything long enough to gain momentum?

🥱  Struggling to maintain your energy – one day on fire, the next barely able to leave the couch?

🤕  Constantly in the burnout/recovery cycle – just through one trough before sliding into the next?

What you need is

Flow. Balance. Harmony. 

A safe place to rest, recover and reclaim your personal power to create the life and business that truly lights you up.

In this unique 12 week container, we’ll: 

  • Assess which areas of your business are out of whack, and need to be tackled first to save your sanity – then set up a simple plan to improve them
  • Release comparisonitis, shiny object syndrome and overgiving to reclaim all our resources and personal power for ourselves
  • Dive deep to discover and explore what is truly meaningful to you in life and business – and what is just patriarchal / historical conditioning
  • Analyse the unique needs of your mind, body and spirit when it comes to work, pressure and time – then build structures (including the appropriate business model/s) to honour them
  • Assess the systems, processes, team and workflows you have in place to ensure they are optimally supporting you
  • Realign your goals to what is truly important and let go of other people’s definitions of ‘success’
  • Learn how to celebrate, acknowledge and have confidence in yourself without feeling or coming across as arrogant or fake
  • Enter a new energy of delicious contentment, appreciation and joy each day in your life and business
  • Adopt and integrate a mindset of experimentation and progress over perfection
  • Learn how to blend intuition and creativity with consistency and structure to create a beautifully balanced business

The Structure

1️⃣ Prepare

A thought- and heart-provoking questionnaire, inviting you get honest about and unlock your true needs and desires.

2️⃣ Begin

A 90min Deep Dive session to unpack and examine where to begin, and where we’re headed.


3️⃣ Explore

Five further 50min sessions to explore and evolve your business and mindset.


4️⃣ Evolve

Accountability, expert advice and emotional support as you navigate your journey via Voxer (responses: Mon-Thu).


5️⃣ Receive

Leverage Chelley’s 15 years of experience optimising businesses, and flourish within a safely held space just for you.

Feels like a fit?

Let’s Chat !

Hey, I’m Chelley!

As a recovering perfectionist, Type-A personality and multiple-burnout survivor, I have lived and breathed the epitome of the ‘go getter’ lifestyle. A high-flying career, six-figure business and lavish London lifestyle to boot, I ‘should’ have been happy… but what I began to realise was that all the stories I’d been told belonged to someone else.  

Constantly striving for success, epitomising the ‘good girl’ and checking all the boxes society told me to check, I found myself becoming deeply disillusioned with life and in a perpetual fog of unhappiness, depression and anxiety that simply wouldn’t go away. 

It all came crashing down in 2016, when my then- business, relationship, physical and mental health imploded in one spectacular fireball. 

I was forced to painfully examine all the flawed premises I’d been living under, and the versions of success I’d been striving for that did not belong to (or come from) me. 

Whilst it seemed at the time that life had stripped away all my security and purpose, I now look back on it as a moment of clarity – when everything that was not coming with me on the next part of my journey fell away. 

Over the next few years, I undertook a journey of deep healing, personal exploration and the (often painful) examination and releasing of the old notions of success I’d been hanging onto. 

Through a combination of gentle evaluation, the right support and incremental adjustment, I’ve since evolved every aspect of my life and am now happier than I ever thought possible. 

These days, I choose to blend my 15 years of experience consulting with businesses ranging from solopreneurs to billion-dollar corporations with a holistic, balanced and intuitive approach to growth.

Now, I run my beloved business from a perfectly imperfect home deep in the woods of the Surrey Hills with my partner and scruffy dog, Oscar.

My heart tells me that simplicity, integrity, kindness, presence and a sense of enoughness are the keys that unlock a fulfilling and enjoyable life.

And as a Certified OBM®, Business Strategist and trained Coach, nothing makes me happier than guiding other heart-centred entrepreneurs, artists and business owners to let go of outdated and irrelevant markers of success and realign their business to create their own version of the perfect lifestyle.

I’ve discovered how to create a life and business that genuinely makes me 

leap out of bed every morning! 


It would be an honour to help you do the same.