The official definition of an Online Business Manager (OBM) is:

A virtual-based professional who manages online businesses – including the ongoing management of projects, operations, team members and metrics.

However, an OBM’s real role (read: secret mission) is to:

(1) Free up the business owner (that’s you!) to fully step into a CEO role and focus on the things only you can do

(2) Take a stand for solid business practices and implement them so the business runs like a well-oiled machine

(3) Proactively lead the team towards the exciting milestones and compelling vision you’ve laid out

If you’re wondering what that translates to in ‘real world deliverables’, here’s a comprehensive list of how an OBM can boost your business:


  • Creation of a project plan, including timeline, process, people and other resources
  • Setup and maintenance of an online project management tool
  • Delegating details of the project to various team members
  • Communication of project status and ongoing details to all players
  • Following-up with team members as necessary to ensure that “stuff gets done” on time
  • Managing the budget for the project
  • Handling challenges for the project as they arise, with a focus on finding solutions quickly


  • Identifying team needs based on current business goals and ongoing projects
  • Determining what type of specialist would be the best fit
  • Crafting job posting/details
  • Blasting opportunity out there via various networks
  • Filtering initial responses and review portfolios
  • Setting up interviews
  • Narrowing choices after initial interviews and request proposal
  • Checking references from other clients
  • Review proposals from preferred candidates
  • Making the offer to selected candidate
  • Ensuring there is a signed contract in place for all hires
  • Creating communication plans with new team members
  • Getting them proper information and/or training for their role
  • Regular reporting on measures of success for their role
  • 90 Day Review (for long term) or End of Project Review (for project only)
  • Keeping the team motivated in their work
  • Handling team challenges as they arise
  • Managing the team budget and expenses


  • Reviewing key systems needed to run a business – including customer service, billing, communication, back-ups, marketing, follow-up and delivery

  • Creating SOPs and streamlining plans for key systems within the business

  • Implementating automated business tools & software

  • Managing all client payments and collections process

  • Managing systems access and login information

  • Ensuring there is an effective backup system in place for all information (including the business owner’s computer!)

  • Establishing decision-making guidelines for team members


  • Keeping track of key statistics for the business on a weekly & monthly basis

  • Setting up a reporting system that includes what to track

  • Analysing metrics and discussing trends/patterns with business owner


Revenue Streams 

  • Managing the production and completion of revenue streams including:

    • Books & workbooks

    • Multimedia products

    • Membership programs

    • Virtual Events

    • Live Events

    • Coaching Programs

  • Managing the setup of any applicable tools or software for different revenue streams (i.e. setting up a membership site using Kajabi etc)

  • Managing the deliverability of revenue streams (i.e. setting up a download page for an eBook)

  • Ensuring customer service is in place to support each revenue stream

  • Ensuring systems are in place so new clients get immediate access to their purchases

  • Setting up fulfilment for any tangible/shippable items

  • Reviewing revenue streams on a regular basis to look for outdated information or opportunities to refresh/relaunch


  • Reviewing content on all websites to look for outdated or incorrect information

  • Managing updates to website content (either themselves or by hiring a technical VA)

  • Managing the creation of any new websites

  • Finding and managing web/blog designers, graphic designers and copywriters as required

  • Setting up everything “behind the subscribe button” for list building

  • Setting up everything “behind the buy button” for purchases

  • Testing all links, forms and buy buttons on the website to look for errors and inconsistencies

  • Ensuring Google Analytics (or some other statistics program) is in place on all websites

  • Ensuring social media applications/plugins are in place

  • Sourcing testimonials for inclusion on web pages (as required)

  • Setting up a store page that lists all your products/offerings



  • Creating and communicating a launch plan based on strategy from the business owner

  • Ensuring key players are in place for each stage of the launch

  • Establishing a clear promotional schedule for each phase of the launch

  • Working with a copywriter for launch materials (if necessary)

  • Working with affiliate partners (as outlined in next section)

  • Overseeing content creation

  • Managing creation of the sales page

  • Keeping everyone on task throughout the launch and stay on top of any “dropped balls”

  • Supporting the business owner as needed throughout the launch

  • Being “on call” the day of the launch to take care of any urgencies/changes

  • Updating all websites and other marketing materials after the launch

  • Ensuring the offering itself is delivered as promised


    • Working with the business owner to establish details for their affiliate program

    • Setting up the affiliate program in the shopping cart

    • Setting up a resource page for affiliates

    • Coordinating materials for various promotions

    • Keeping in touch with affiliates to advise of upcoming promotions

    • Following up with affiliates as needed to support their promotions

    • Managing payment of affiliates


    JV Partnerships

    • Managing the implementation of any JV partner projects

    • Creating the project plan for JV partner projects

    • Coordinating with members of the JV partner’s team 

    • Communicating key details to the players involved

    • Following-up with JV partners and/or the business owner as needed to bring the project to life

    Speaking Engagements

    • Preparing Speaker Kit

    • Reviewing requests on behalf of the client

    • Confirming details of speaking agreement

    • Coordinating details with Host

    • Managing Travel

    • Preparating all speaking materials in advance

    • Ordering any products to be sold on-site

    • Onsite management (as required)



    • Managing the day-to-day implementation of the marketing strategy, which could include:

      • Affiliate (Joint Venture) Marketing 

      • Article Marketing 

      • Audio/Video Marketing

      • Email Marketing

      • Publicity & PR 

      • SEO & Pay per Click Marketing

      • Social Media

      • Speaking Engagements

      • Traditional “offline” Marketing

    • Establishing a team to take care of the ongoing marketing activities (as required)

    • Reviewing autoresponders and follow-up sequences on a regular basis (for outdated information and accuracy)

    • Reviewing up-sell opportunities in the buying process

    • Reviewing opt ins and “freebies” for refreshment


    Freeing the Business Owner!

    • Reviewing where the business owner is spending their time

    • Proactively taking stuff off a business owner’s plate that they don’t need to do

    • Acting as team liaison and gatekeeper to the business owner

    • Creating an email management system for the business owner

    • Setting up a scheduling system for the business owner

      Reckon you could use an OBM?! 😉

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